High-quality services on international standards, high speed and efficiency, excellent understanding of the business processes, experience, contacts and wisdom, implementation of technology. M&A, IFLR1000 2021
Yordan Naydenov – Highly Regarded in M&A IFLR1000 2020
Ralitsa Nedkova – Rising Star in Banking and finance, M&A IFLR1000 2020
Svetlina Kortenska – Highly Regarded in Capital markets, M&A IFLR1000 2020
Borislav Boyanov – Expert Consultant in M&A “Strategic thinker, extremely experienced and knowledgeable locally and internationally. Well recognized everywhere.” IFLR1000 2020
“The firm has a great reputation in the Bulgaria and is also a strategic leader for the SEE Legal network in the SEE region. Individuals sticking out are Borislav Boyanov (for his excellent connections and strategic advice) and Damian Simeonov (for his superb finance related work). Tier 1, M&A, IFLR1000 2020
“Very high international standards, unique corporate culture and values, excellent speed and efficiency, lots of experience, wisdom and business solutions.” Tier 1, Banking and finance, IFLR1000 2020 Tier 1, M&A, IFLR1000 2020
"The firm has always provided superb legal advice. They are hands on and cost sensitive. They offer a broad spectrum of legal expertise and also give support on strategic and business issues." Tier 1, Banking and finance, IFLR1000 2020 Tier 1, M&A, IFLR1000 2020 Tier 1, Project development, IFLR1000 2020