Intellectual Property

The IP team consists of qualified and experienced lawyers specializing in Intellectual Property law and litigation. The team includes Bulgarian and European Patent Attorneys and Trademark Attorneys with legal and technical background who jointly provide integrated and comprehensive services to the clients, giving excellent results in multi-aspect cases.

We offer the following services to our clients:

  • representation before the Bulgarian Patent Office, the World Intellectual Property Organization, the Office for Harmonization of the Internal Market, the European Patent Office, and REGISTER.BG;
  • preparation and filing of all paperwork necessary for granting patents for inventions and utility models, and for registration of industrial designs, trademarks, domain names; Community trademarks, Community designs, international trademarks, international designs, validating of European patents in Bulgaria, and supplementary protection certificates issuance; requests for change of name/address of the owner of the corresponding IP rights;
  • preparation of IP rights assignment agreements, license agreements, co-existence agreements, special pledges, etc.; renewals; maintenance fees;
  • objections to various provisional refusals; requests for oppositions, cancellations and revocations; requests for recognizing trademarks as well-known or with reputation;
  • performing trademark searches and patent searches in all fields of technology and other watching services, as well as legal status searches;
  • advice on the registrability of trademarks, designs, domain names and other IP assets;
  • IP due diligence and audits to assist clients in identifying the objects of their intellectual property and relevant issues for their better protection; advising clients on effective intellectual property management and protection; preventing conflicts with third party’s rights; and
  • preparation of Cease and Desist Letters, Letters of Consent, and negotiations in such cases.
 Through the years, we have established extensive IP litigation practices predominantly in the field of trademark and patent protection by representing a number of globally-known companies – major brand owners operating in various industries, such as tobacco, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, automobile industry, fashion industry, food, beverages, soft drinks, music, and other areas.

We advise clients and undertake actions in cases of infringements of IP rights before the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria, the police, prosecutors, courts. Our broad range of IP litigation services includes:

  • representation before the Patent Office and in front of the courts in cases of judicial review of Patent Office acts concerning cancellation of trademarks; representing trademark holders in front of the civil courts for establishment and termination of infringements of their rights, including in seeking compensation for damages caused because of infringements;
  • representing trademark owners in front of the civil courts for establishment of bad faith registration of trademarks and the subsequent cancellation or acquisition of the respective trademark by the holder of the rights;
  • successful representation before the Commission on Protection of the Competition, and in appeal proceedings in front of courts with respect to cases of unfair competition related to trademark imitation and other forms of unfair competition in connection with IP rights;
  • successful actions for protecting rights of trademark owners from cyber-squatters;
  • protection against IP rights infringements through counterfeiting and parallel import such as: implementation of border-control measures against infringers and follow-up actions in seizure and destruction of infringing goods; implementation of actions by the police and the prosecutor’s office against infringers, prosecution and prevention of crimes related to IP rights; realization of administrative measures by the Patent Office under the Marks and Geographic Indications Act; and initiation of court actions before the Sofia City Court (the competent court of first instance to prosecute the infringements IP rights).